Guests - Ken Chapman and Lorna Weston-Smyth
President Larry began the meeting by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and then introduced his new format of reviewing the month ahead on the overhead projector.  Covering the Bingo's, Meals on Wheels and upcoming events etc. All of this information is available on the website. All you have to do is click on Calendar under the Menu Section at the top of the website. No sign-in is required.
Shauna, Ray and Mike were decked out in their tacky shirts or in Mike's case pants.  All for a good cause to promote the bowling on Saturday Jan. 16th at Leisure Lanes from 4 - 6.  We will get 2 games and our shoe rental for $15.00.   Fellowship will continue at the North Royal Oak at 6:30.
Fred announced it is time to pay our dues. If you get an e-mail reminder along with an account statement, you owe. 
Larry read a thank you from St. Marks Church for our help in supplying 44 Whitby Families with Christmas baskets. The club donated $2,000 towards food and toy purchases.
After breakfast Sergeant Mike was more than pleased to fine Mary Anne for not bringing the hockey sweaters and Ray was fined for wearing his Green Bay sweater. Fred pointed out to Ray that the sweater vest should be washed in cold rather than hot water!!!
Happy Bucks -
Betty was HAPPY to have met Morgan's mother in Whitehorse and learning some of the background of Morgan and her family.
Bill paid a sad buck that Ray's sons would buy Ray a Green Bay Packers sweater. He wondered about their upbringing!!??
Joe D. was HAPPY to have his oldest son home for Christmas.
Simon was HAPPY to be back after missing a number of meetings.
Sheila was Happy and sad to have her daughter turn 13.
Des was HAPPY to have been on a "very safe" and probably on a "very expensive" Caribbean cruise before Christmas but sad that he missed our party.
Brandon and Betty both tried their luck at the 50/50 but their fingers were not in sync with their hopes. The pot remains.
The club  sang Happy Birthday to Betty. She claims to have received her Old Age Security for 10 years!! 
Mike introduced our guest speaker Lorna who is a life coach working with the John Maxwell Team.
Lorna works with business's and individuals to help them unlock their potential through Intentional Living.
She began with the quote "Life is like a parachute jump you have to get it right the first time"  Lorna added that there is a difference between knowing where you want to go and knowing how to get there.
She stated that we all need to learn the power of focused energy and to take control to live the life you want not a life that just happens to you.  People need to "Live with Intentionality"
Lorna said she would be happy to have people contact her if they are interested in taking part in the John Maxwell 30 day journey to Intentional Living. There will be a live presentation on the internet by John Maxwell on Thursday, January 7 at 5:00 pm. Here is the information received from Lorna:
"I'm excited that this Thursday, John C. Maxwell is having a live call talking more about his book Intentional Living, living a life that matters and creating such an impact that it changes lives.
And as a special gift, I would like to invite you to join us on the call. So if you're ready and serious about making 2016 the best year ever and making a real impact, register here to be added to the list and get the details for the call:
The Intentional Living book and 30 Day Journey that John will be referencing on the call can be found here: 30-Day Journey into Intentional Living "
Mike thanked Lorna for her interesting and informative talk and the meeting was adjourned.