We had a great turnout for this meeting with 71% attendance - Best so far this year
President Larry went through a calendar update. Please visit the website for details on upcoming speakers and events. Here are a few details:
The Morgan Wienberg presentation on Haiti is SOLD OUT! Please choose your menu item and let Ray know by the end of today, Friday the 29th. The menu was attached  to the Rotary email sent on January 28 at 3:05 pm. The event is being held at the Nice Bistro on February 9th.
We are invited to the DECA event on March 29th sponsored by the Brooklin-Satellite Club, an evite will follow soon. 
This organization helps high school students to prepare for entrepreneurship by fostering partnerships with local businesses. If you are interested in finding out more about the program please visit
Narendra will be leaving us for a 9 week journeys to India. He will visit the orphanage that we are partnered with and have supported through international grants. 
He thanks everyone who helped to raise $2,400 for the purchase of 4 exterior solar panel lights.  These lights are necessary for security reasons. Narendra is also celebrating 49 years of marriage! 
Savour the Flavour - this is a Rotary Club of Whitby-Sunrise event happening on February 2nd. If you are interested, please contact Michael Finigan. Tickets are $85 a per person. For further details please visit
Jodi Millen, Executive Director of Durham Outlook for the Needy was our guest his morning. She presented details about the extensive fundraising campaign to build a new home for the Charity which would be double in size compared to the current location. The new building would better serve the needs of their patrons who visit the Centre for many reasons. The new Centre would become a one-stop, accessible building that will meet the needs of individuals in the community - including meals and support and treatment of mental illnesses to name a few. The Charity is best known for the operation of St. Vincent Pallotti's Kitchen serving over 50,000 meals a year. Through partnerships with other non-profit organizations and local churches, meal tickets are distributed free-of-charge to individuals and families experiencing poverty and food insecurity.  For those unable to access free tickets, a four-course, restaurant-style meal costs $1.50.  Children under 12 always eat free. The restaurant style environment represents a unique difference from other "Soup Kitchens". Patrons visit often and are served the same as if they were eating at a restaurant. Hundreds of volunteers are participating in various programs and Jodi encouraged our club to get in on the action. Other local Rotary Clubs have already partnered with the Charity. The new facility will be located at 227 Simcoe Street South - this location is within 1 square block of 50% of its patrons. Jodi was asking the club to consider supporting the building campaign. Durham Outlook for the Needy is a fully registered Charity. Based on 2015 financial records, about 12% of their total revenue stream came from Governments. The Charity is not receiving any funding from United Way. Any donations are tax deductible. Poverty has stricken this area of the Durham Region more so than others. No one should go hungry in this day and age. However, It happens more often than the public seems to be aware of. For further information please visit .