Rotary RIP – Oct. 6, 2015
Sergeant-at-Arms – John Dale
Narendra and Larry were fined for chatting, as were Betty, Joanne and Leigh for discussing the red scarf while others were talking.
Espie fined herself for almost having an accident for being kind and trying to give Betty a parking spot before the meeting began.
Happy Bucks
Andrew paid a happy buck because he was “chuffed a bit” by the kind comments made when he and Leigh announced their decision to move back to the U.K.
Ray noted that Sunrise’s Rob Morton was on the throne while visiting Rotary Club of Whitby but thanked Steve Mills for putting the picture in Snapd nonetheless. He reminded everyone that Nov. 19 is Toilet Day but noted things were a bit backwards in that Handwashing Day is Oct. 15.
Joe offered a happy buck for the great time he had in Ireland digging into his roots. Mike put money in the bucket to celebrate being nominated for the Todd Skinner Young Entrepreneur Award.
Bill gave a “sad” buck because he heard a car salesman (Ray) called a lawyer (Rob Morton) “cheap”
John Dale supplied a happy buck for becoming a grandfather again.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Brian W said he would pay $5 if anyone could guess his age. Ray and Anne celebrated their 37th anniversary on Oct. 7 (35 have been good, according to Ray). Espie and Victor celebrated 19 years on Oct. 12 and Grant and Mary mark their 41st anniversary in October.
- 50/50 draw – Leigh, Narendra – no winners yet
Guest: Steve Mills - Snapd
Steve Mills joined us to talk about the impact of community publications. He noted there are 70 Snapd publications in the country, 25 in Toronto alone. He said local community publication has impact for a number of reasons, whether online, in social media or in print.
At the heart of it, he pointed out, is the story and that’s what a community publication is: it tells your story. In much the same way, Rotary tells a story.
Community publications “tell the story of those around you.”
Steve noted that marketing is telling your story and selling is influence. Your story superimposes over your brand. He said a lot of powerful business motivators don’t say work on your business, work on yourself.
The impact of a community publication is the mass audience that you can get all of the stories together. The value of community publications is they allow you to see everybody’s good stuff. They make people feel good and secure and you want to raise your business in that community, raise your family in that community because you know that community.