RIP – Tuesday January 12
This will be a shortened version of the RIP as the writer of this week’s RIP is not a morning person --- not even close.
President Larry shared some updates about the Satellite Club and the youth initiatives they are involved in, including DECA. We are planning to have a joint meeting in the next couple of months to plan for the next two years and to give an opportunity all of our members to give their input on what they would like to see in in the club.
Some of the announcements included the Tacky Bowling night on Saturday January 16th 4-6PM at Leisure Lanes followed by fun, fellowship and food at the Royal Oak North with music by our friend Jeff Callery. Ray Richardson wore his very “tacky” Green Bay sweater that only a true Green Bay fan could love. Mike had another selection for the tacky section of his wardrobe – an outrageous pair of orange pants.
Joe Dale asked for volunteers on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society on Saturday January 30th – an email reminder will be sent out in the next couple of days.
Ray, along with other members, is working to plan an event on February 9th for Morgan Weinberg while she is here in Ontario. We are working on a Global Grant along with other clubs to support her work in Haiti. Tuesday February 9th in the evening was the date that most, by show of hands, were available to attend. Please stay tuned for more details.
Joanne Ashley, assisted  two Vanna White impressionists, Betty Vetere and Mary Souter, presented 4 Steps to membership and used the Rotary Pin to illustrated this, complete with a ladder. The 4 steps being, The Pin in Action, The Pining Moment, Put a Spin on the Pin and Win with the Pin. What a great lesson and a good “message” for our new and tenured members alike.
Our Past District Governor, Brian Thompson and Ian Lancaster graced us with their presence.
The Sargent at Arms, Mike, was on fire – much like the colour of his pants. Fines were given out for not wearing one’s Rotary pins. He also fined those who snickered about last week’s tacky pants.
There were happy bucks from our newest members and Ray got fined at least a couple of times for … well, just being Ray.
Sean Lockhart is celebrating a birthday on Thursday and John Dale added “and many more” at the end of the club’s singing rendition of Happy Birthday.
Shauna gave some “comme ci, comme ca” bucks because she learned from a student at Value Village, while looking for something “tacky” that hipsters are now buying what was considered tacky and making it “hip.” She may have to borrow something on Saturday from Ray’s closet.
New member Dr. Chris is inviting members to the open house at his Wellness Clinic at 185 Brock St. N. on Saturday, January 16th from 10 am to 2 pm. You might need some touch ups before or after bowling.
We inducted 3 new members – Ken Chapman, a Past President of our club, Dr. Chris Cheung, a local chiropractor and Randal (Randy) Myers who is a retired businessman who is redefining what retirement is. We are thrilled to have them to join our fellowship.