The meeting was opened with the singing of O Canada, followed by our Toast and “thought for the day”
President Larry
Opening remarks as to our need to reflect on the latest suicide bomber in Pakistan who for his own need for “glory” killed 13 police officers who were standing guard on Rotarians whose mission it was to administer the Polio Vaccine to families waiting patiently.
Larry had an ASK from Amarok Society for a donation. This also will go to the Board for a decision.
President Larry called upon Brandon to review an update on the Food Truck Frenzy as prepared by Kurt and Brandon.
The presentation as viewed on screen and talked through by Brandon was very well done and had an enthusiastic approach and manner. The Marketing needs after much background indicated a clear pattern of needs.  The examples of these were foremost the need for a Presenting Sponsor in the value of $25,000.00 As well a Food Truck Sponsor worth $10,000,00 and down the line with a lesser value place on sponsors.
Brandon spoke about incorporating the annual Golf Tournament Sponsors.
In terms of the planning he broke down some of the absolute needs to plan a successful FTF
These are:
Operational needs...Joe Murray; Food Trucks (50) Ray Richardson; Equipment Needs President Larry; Sponsorship Needs and contacts... Grant and Brandon volunteer needs...Elizabeth and Joanne
Membership Matters session Sat. Jan 16/16.  A report was requested from the attendee Joanne Ashley. In brief the session was excellent and put on by the Training Rotarians from our District. The common concerns for all Clubs were the continual need to see Membership growth. Consider reviewing your Club Vision statement and work on an “elevator speech” so that all members give a consistent message to potential members. Each participant had a similar form which we with great care filled out individually. We scored quite well!! There was much to learn and one surprise apparently was that we NEED a bigger Rotary pin as no one can read ours from hardly any distance. These are coming soon. Track anything you need to know on the Rotary Web-site. There is a vast amount of information re membership.
A special event for Morgan Wienberg will be held at the Nice Bistro organized by Ray and others to hear Morgan’s story again and have guests, particularly neighbouring Clubs.
The event will be held at Nice Bistro on February 9th in the evening. Please refer to the website for details and registration. The cost is $50.00 for dinner per person which includes a small donation towards the cause. This will help the International Committee with Global Grant applications. Space is limited to about 40 persons. Please visit our website or contact Ray for information or to reserve a spot.
The Rotary Club of Whitby – Brooklin Satellite meeting is on Wed. Jan 20th a visit with our fledgling Club. Encourage Rotarians to attend.
HAPPY Bucks Time
Mike and Shauna did an admirable job of getting as much money for virtually nothing as anyone team I have witnessed.
A reflection of the “Whacky Bowling for Dollars” event which was held last Saturday brought in a few bucks. All attendees had a great time. See pictures.
The draw was close but now winner
Program today
An interesting program today as a new recruit and a seasoned Rotarian did their Classification talk. One of course was a re-classification Bill Irwin.
The new Rotarian Elizabeth Darbyshire sponsored by Joanne was indeed introduced by Joanne who told only a small amount as to having met Elizabeth from The Station Gallery House Tour, it was heartfelt and as Elizabeth was to Introduce herself the program was turned over to Elizabeth who told her story in a wonderful manner giving a glimpse of her upbringing, her marriage to Jim and her children Marshall and Abby. Elizabeth worked for 15 years with Bell Canada as an Associate Director of Revenue Assurance.  She started her second career with Re/Max and after obtaining her broker’s license, she opened an independent brokerage called Property Match Realty where they focus on residential sales in Durham region and Scarborough. Elizabeth bring lots of volunteer experience to the club and will be a great asset.
Next was Bill Irwin doing his re-classification talk on his years as a lawyer and Municipal dealings which he enjoyed retiring in 1992. Bill talked about his time being the Town of Whitby Lawyer except that he was hired on a consulting basis and not as an employee. This kept him away from Town politics. Bill was heavily engaged in municipal law and tried to keep the developers honest. He was also involved in drafting many municipal by-laws for approval by Town Council. Did you know that Bill was also an Engineer? He forgot to mention this but it explains why Bill is the brain behind our Rotary Club. Our Constitution and By-Laws certainly show Bill’s expertise in this field.