No Meeting on December 29th. Next meeting will be on January 5th. We hope to see everyone to start the year with strong attendance.
January Meetings - will be organized by the Membership committee who have exciting speakers and programs line up for you - check the website for further information.
Mary Nurse - has requested to extend her leave until June 30th 2016.
Valarie and Mark Wafer  - President Larry announced that the Wafers have sold their home in Ashburn and will be relocating to Collingwood in around March of 2016. Membership transfer is pending. 
Randy Myers - Impala Bike Shop accepts your old bicycles which will be tuned up and donated to charity particularly to needy Syrian Refugee Families. Your donated bikes will be refurbish to make them fully road worthy. It is time for a new bike John P. They need your old high mileage bike.
Sergeant-at-Arms - Douglas Freeman picked on a few members despite the obvious season of GIVING and NOT TAKING.
John Dale was in the giving mode donating $100. to the Amarok Society.
Former Member Marion Irwin followed suit with another $100 donation. She donated another buck for being happy just to be present.
Randy Myers was happy to go on a skiing vacation. Better take your golf clubs too just in case.
Ray Richardson was happy that the Green Bay Packers apparently made the playoffs.
Jane Ritchie has outgrown her office and is moving her partners and employees to a new place on Brock Street South.
Birthday - Genesis Inibhunu December 25th - Happy Birthday
Anniversary - Joe and Teresa Dale December 22nd - Joe was not present for good reasons it was claimed - Happy Anniversary
50/50 draw - no winner
John Dale introduced the guest speaker Gem Munro Director of Amarok Society.
Amarok Society was founded with one family at its centre: Dr. Tanyss Munro, Gem Munro and their four children. We teach extremely poor, uneducated mothers in the world’s worst slums to become neighbourhood teachers. They teach them how to read and write, and then teaches the mothers to be neighbourhood teachers, by educating their own and their neighbours’ children every day in their homes, with astonishing result. Gem spoke about Amarok's role to bring improvements to the worst school systems in the world. The presentation was very eye opening. Gem and other members of the Amarok Society are taking great risks when visiting these countries on a regular basis. They quite often find themselves in the middle of extremist areas. For complete details please visit the charitie's website at 
They now have 24 Schools in 3 Countries.





Bearing gifts, we traverse afar...

Amarok-Society wishes a peaceful, joyful holiday season to all its friends and benefactors... ...with a gentle reminder that these are your neighbours' children.

Now that the cold weather has finally arrived, it is time to focus on Canada's favoured sport, hockey. Two of our members are featured on the team picture below. Let's guess who they are. Your Sergeant might pick on you if you can't figure it out. If the below picture is not large enough for you, go to the photo albums on the website and click on Old Times Hockey.