Many people in our community are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Our club was pleased to share their stories at the first ever Slice of Life event held during World AIDS Week. 

This one-of-a-kind event was a first for the club and it was a resounding success! Participants enjoyed a 'slice' of food while making their way around the room to hear the stories of those involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.



The club is most grateful to our presenters:

  • Doug Willoughby and Todd Shearing with the AIDS Committee of Durham Region
  • Tobin Brown of the Positive Care Clinic
  • Beth Whelan of the John Howard Society
  • Connor Visser - Clarington Interact Club. His club made an educational video for their peers called "Just the Facts"
  • Debbie Morgan of RADAR
  • Ashley Murphy - a teenager who was born with AIDS

Committee chair Joanne Ashley also successfully lobbied the Town of Whitby to proclaim Nov. 26 - Dec. 1 World AIDS Week. The AIDS Action Committee looks forward to hosting the event again next year!